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The issue here is the conditionals inside the for loop are not being entered for some reason. Namely if (samp==1){Since all characters should be 0 or 1 one of these two should be entered at all times instead neither of them is being entered and I am not sure what is going on. It should be a simple character comparison. Also I have tested it to see that the 'samp'variable is correctly sampling the bit sequence one character at a time.

Could really use some help here. I am sure its mind numbingly simple.

//This method will take in a binary bit sequence which should be set up correctly from above
    //Then it should print the Unipolar encoding of the waveform
    public static void Unipolar(String s){
        String code ="";
        char samp='9';
        char[] charArray = s.toCharArray();  //turn the input bit sequence into a char array for simplicity

        String topline="";     //the method I chose was to keep a consistent 3 strings to draw the output
        String midline="";
        String botline="";

        for (int i = 0; i < s.length(); i++) {
        samp = charArray[i];
            //depending on if the current character is a 1 or a 0 a differnt pattern will be added to the 
            //string to be outputted
            if (samp==1){
                midline+="*    ";
                botline+="*    ";
            if (samp==0){
                topline+="     ";
                midline+="     ";
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You should use the character values when comparing chars:

if (samp == '1') {
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Thanks I realized it almost as soon as I posted it, Think I should delete this question or leave it up for others reference? – Liv Oct 19 '12 at 23:30
It does have merit but it is entirely up to you. :) – Reimeus Oct 19 '12 at 23:33

OK nevermind.... The issue is I needed to put single quotes around the 0 or 1 meaning this is the correct comparison operator.

if (samp=='0'){ 
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