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In Weka I can go to the experimenter. In the set-up I can load in an .arff file, and get weka to create a classifier (i.e. J48), then I can run it and then finally I can go to the analyze tab. In this tab it gives me an option to 'testing with Paired T-Test' but I cannot figure out how to create a second classifier (i.e. J48 unpruned) and do a T-Test on the two results.

Google does not lead me to any tutorial or answers.

How can I get Weka to do a T-Test on the results of two different classifiers, made from the same data?

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That helps but I can't find out how it gives t-value or p-values. –  Josh Weissbock Oct 21 '12 at 2:11
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Please follow the steps in http://fiji.sc/Advanced_Weka_Segmentation_-_How_to_compare_classifiers.

In this screenshot, the author is setting the significance level to be 0.05. In my understanding, in such a test, you always compare with a baseline classifier (here it is the NaiveBayes), the output uses the annotation v or * to indicate that a specific result is statistically better (v) or worse (*) than the baseline scheme at the significance level specified (currently 0.05). It might not be the one you expected though.

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