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Im trying to perform a file upload and am having truble generating a route to tell the move_uploaded_file where to move the file. In my routing file (from within the bundle) i have:

    pattern:  /images
    defaults: { _resource: EndorseMeEndorsementBundle/Resources/public/images/endorsement_images }

And i do:

        $url = $this->get('router')->generate('endorsement_pics');

Which generates the literal url www.example.com/endorsement/images

And the function

            move_uploaded_file($_FILES['endorsement_image']['tmp_name'], $url."image1.jpg");

Which gives me the error:

                Warning: move_uploaded_file(/newsite/web/app_dev.php/endorsement/imagesimage1.jpg) [<a href='function.move-uploaded-file'>function.move-uploaded-file</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/24/9254124/html/newsite/src/EndorseMe/EndorsementBundle/Controller/DefaultController.php line 20

Any ideas?

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you won't be able to do it so, at least in dev mode. that path wont get processed thought RewriteRule and thus will be invalid. :-/ Apart from that, is there any particular reason why you decided to write to "public resources" directory? In my opinion that's a bad practice - you should only write to /web or it's subdirs (although "public resources" is accessible though /web but that's different story) –  Jovan Perovic Oct 20 '12 at 1:22

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You can't move a file to a URL — it has to be a filesystem path. Using routes for this is wrong.

To upload a file to the public web folder, you could do the following. First, create a parameter in parameters.yml for the upload directory path:

    upload_dir: %kernel.root_dir%/../web/uploads

Then use the parameter for an upload:

$uploadDir = $this->container->getParameter('upload_dir');
    $uploadDir . '/image1.jpg'
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