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When I open my C++ Makefile project in Eclipse CDT, every std::nan is underlined in red, and I get this error when I mouse over:

Invalid arguments '
Candidates are:
__gnu_cxx::enable_if<&0[std::__is_arithmetic<#0>::__value],int>::__type isnan(#0)

However, the project compiles perfectly, with no errors or warnings, with make + g++. When I remove the std:: from std::isnan, Eclipse stops complaining, even though I'm not aware of any isnan function or macro outside the std namespace. What could possibly be wrong?

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Eclipse CDT is known for having some issues parsing code. – vz0 Oct 20 '12 at 1:17
CDT underlines every instance of std::move in my code with red squiggles, and shows some bizarre candidates when I hover over them. But the codes compiles and works great. I think it's just a CDT parser problem. – Praetorian Oct 20 '12 at 1:19

There are a few cases where Eclipse needs an index refresh. On the project explorer in the left, right click on a source file and choose "Index -> Freshen All Files" and "Index -> Re-Resolve Unresolved Includes".

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