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I am creating gaussian pyramid in MATLAB 2010b. I want to show images like same patterned mentioned here.

I tried to use imresize, truesize but getting all images in same size. Could anybody please help me on this issue?

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You can use "imshow with True Size for multiple images" FEX file to answer your question...

EDIT : The code below will produce the subplot at the bottom right part of the figure:

clear imagesCellArray
mand = imread('mandelbrot_set.jpg'); % read image
dim = 3;

[imagesCellArray{1:dim,1:dim}] = deal(mand); % create smaller images by imresize
 for iRow = 1:dim
    for iCol = 1:dim
       imagesCellArray{iRow,iCol} = imresize(imagesCellArray{iRow,iCol},1/(1.5*(iCol*iRow)));

 % plot with imshowTruesize - true aspect ratio is preserved
 margins = [25 25];
 Handles = imshowTruesize(imagesCellArray,margins);
 for iRow = 1:dim
    for iCol = 1:dim

enter image description here

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I am not able to convert the given code to display the images which you shown under imshowTruesize title(4th one). It is displaying the result same as the highlighted one(3rd one).. –  sattu Oct 21 '12 at 5:08
Try the code I added to the answer, it should produce the bottom right figure. Additionally, if this answered your question you can choose to accept it by clicking the V sign just below the # of votes –  bla Oct 21 '12 at 6:43

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