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I am sending values to my view from my bean and from my view to my bean, everything is fine if I work with event such as "acitonListener" but now I want to send the user to other page (with a navigation rule, it works perfect) when I click on a button, but before of that I want to set in my bean one value, how can I do this?

I am doing something like this

   <p:commandButton value="Send" id="sendButton" action="#{myBean.myMethod}" 
    update=":form:growTop" >

Before of that there is only a table with <h:outputText/> with values from my bean, any way to do this?


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The above method expression will send myParameter to the myMethod function in your backing bean:

public void myMethod(String myParameter) {
    // ...

You can also send the user to the next page by returning a valid navigation outcome from your action method:

public String myMethod(String myParameter) {
    // ...
    return "myPage?faces-redirect=true";

In your concrete case if there is a backing bean value which is printed out:

<h:outputText value=#{myBean.myParameter}/>

the following action

<p:commandButton value="Send" id="sendButton" action="#{myBean.myMethod(myParameter)} 
    update=":form:growTop" >

will pass myParameter to your action method.

In order to get the expected behavior with primefaces datatable use at least @ViewScoped backing bean behind your table values.

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thanks, that was it! – jpganz18 Oct 20 '12 at 17:22
You are welcome! – akoskm Oct 20 '12 at 20:19

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