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In rails 3.2.0,is it possible to turn off rails logging for rendering of views in ActionView:: LogSubscriber in production environment.

Currently only way i found to supress is to monkey patch it and increase the log level to debug in the below way. Is there a better way to do this or any configuration?

 module ActionView
    class LogSubscriber
       def render_template(event)
            message = "Rendered #{from_rails_root(event.payload[:identifier])}"
            message << " within #{from_rails_root(event.payload[:layout])}" if event.payload[:layout]
            message << (" (%.1fms)" % event.duration)
          alias :render_partial :render_template
          alias :render_collection :render_template
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ActionView uses ActiveSupport::Notifications and ActiveSupport::LogSubscriber to instrument its events, and to silence it from the logs is as simple as including the following in your environment file:

%w{render_template render_partial render_collection}.each do |event|
  ActiveSupport::Notifications.unsubscribe "#{event}.action_view"


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