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I am new to Android app development and would like a little information on global variables. I have done a lot of searching and I understand that in the class files you can declare a global variable(correct me if I'm wrong). I have taken a look at a lot of posts including Android - Global variables? . They have not helped me to understand what I would like to know. My goal is to be able to create variables that will change and remain changed after the app has been terminated. The idea that I have is that I would like to have a main page that then branches to a bunch of other pages and have a global variable that saves what page your are currently visiting so that when you resume you can press a button labeled continue and it will bring you back to the page that you were previously on. If there is a better way than global variables, I am open to alternatives, thanks in advance!

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SEE THIS –  Chintan Raghwani Oct 20 '12 at 5:06

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You can't have variables - global or otherwise - persist after the app has been terminated unless you write them to a permanent storage. In Android this can be done with an ObjectOutputStream to write an object to the filesystem or SharedPreferences, which save key/value pairs for retrieval. You will have to save and set your variables when you need them.

But you shouldn't do global variables anyway.

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Ok, could you give me an example of how the ObjectOutputStream works? or SharedPreferences? I had been trying to figure out how they worked and visited many pages but to no avail. I couldn't successfully write data then open it again, if you could show me an example I would really appreciate it! –  cmpickle Oct 20 '12 at 5:03
you should read the docs. basically you call getSharedPreferences(name, mode) to get a SharedPreferences object. then you call getXXXX(key, default) to get a setting. to put a setting into the preferences file, use pref.edit().putXXXX(key, value).commit() –  toadzky Oct 20 '12 at 5:06

You can use SharedPreferences to do that. In your activity, use:

SharedPreferences preferences = this.getSharedPreferences("name", Context.MODE_PRIVATE);

To read your saved data, use:

String lastPage = preferences.getString("lastPage");

Read http://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/SharedPreferences.Editor.html to know the types that you can store.

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