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From my understanding, gutters are the white space between columns. Questions:

  1. In Bootstrap, I assume gutters are the spaces between .container and .container-fluid. Is this correct?
  2. Gutter width seems to be between 20px - 30px based on display size. What to do if the design doesn't require spacing between containers?
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1. Gutters

Gutters are the space between .span, whether it's in a .row or a .row-fluid. But the gutter width is defined by a different setting for the normal grid and the fluid one (one is fixed in px, the other is relative in %).

Additional values are set depending on the screen width, if you use the responsive layout.

Check this doc (same with v3)

Important : the gutter width is used in several others rules, for example the margin-left of the .row, or the width of the .container.

2. No gutters

Gutter widths are defined as LESS variables. If you want to use a grid that doesn't have gutters, you should download a customized version of bootstrap - see Grid System (same with v3).

I myself prefer to download the LESS files, import an override file after variables.less, set my own variables and compile it myself, so that I can upgrade Bootstrap without worrying about my previous modifications.

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Both these links are broken –  portforwardpodcast Jan 24 at 0:08
@portforwardpodcast links fixed to both latest v2 and v3 docs –  Sherbrow Jan 24 at 11:38

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