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I need to insert more than one row in a table

foreach($answers as $answer){
  $sql =<<<EOD
  INSERT INTO answer(`answer`, `question_id`) 
  VALUES ('$answer', (SELECT `id` FROM question WHERE `title` = '$title'))

  result_array[] = $this->db->query($sql);  

I need to check each insert query is return True. What's control structure in Php can let me do something like:

if(each_value in result_array == 'True'){
  return 'success';
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If you want, you can insert multiple rows by single query. –  srbhbarot Oct 20 '12 at 5:34

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To make sure that you only have booleans in your array double negate the values returned by your query function (unless it already returns true/false, of course).:

result_array[] = !! $this->db->query($sql);

Alternative #1

You could find the unique values between array(true) and your resulting array (result_array) and then see if the size is equal to zero using array_diff:

if (sizeof (array_diff (result_array, array (true)) == 0) {
  // all went well

Alternative #2

If your resulting array only consists of values of either true or false you could hack your way through it using array_product such as in the below:

var_dump (array_product (array (true, false, true)));
var_dump (array_product (array (true, true, true)));



array_product will multiply all the values of the array with each other, and since true evalutes to the integer 1 and false to the integer 0 we can use this to our advantage.

Alternative #3 (don't modify source array)

You could use array_reduce with a callback to reduce your array to a single value, such as:

if (array_reduce (result_array, function ($a,$b) {return $a && $b;}, true) == true) {
  // all went well

This will implicitly cast every value of your array to a boolean, and give you the result you are after.

inline lambdas require more recent versions of PHP, a regular function name can be used as a callback if lambdas are unavailable

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If the values in the array are string True and not boolean true you can use this, else use array_product as in the other answer.

$res = array_unique($your_array);
if (sizeof($res) === 1 && current($res) == 'True') {
  return 'success';
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