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I use jQuery Wysihat fork. I ran rake to get the source code built, then copied the dist/jq-wysihat.js and editor.css over to my Rails library. It shows the Wysihat editor, and I can see that the textarea is hidden.

  1. By right, whenever I type anything to the Wysihat, I should get the same text in the hidden textarea (seen using Firebug). This is the correct implementation I saw in 37signals Basecamp project. But, I don't see the textarea get filled with anything that I typed in the editor. What have I done wrong?

  2. In the editing mode in my Rails app, how can I place the existing text into the Wysihat editor box?


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@Tallboy, I wanted a jQuery. – Victor Oct 20 '12 at 6:18

Use this fork instead:

It seems to have a few more bug fixes in it. I had some problems running this in IE9 and it seemed to fix those too.

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