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I have Toolstripmenuitem as below,

enter image description here

Using the Below code i am geting the result like,

For Each t As ToolStripItem In fobj.MenuStrip1.Items
        Dim parentnode As TreeNode = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(t.Name, t.Name)
        GetMenues(t, menues, parentnode, 1)

Public Sub GetMenues(ByVal Current As ToolStripItem, ByRef menues As List(Of ToolStripItem), ByVal parentnode As TreeNode, ByVal s As Integer)
    If Not String.Compare(s.ToString, "1") = 0 Then
        Dim fatherNode As TreeNode = parentnode.Nodes.Add(Current.Name, Current.Name)
    End If
    If TypeOf (Current) Is ToolStripMenuItem Then
        For Each menu As ToolStripItem In DirectCast(Current, ToolStripMenuItem).DropDownItems
            GetMenues(menu, menues, parentnode, s + 1)
    End If
End Sub

enter image description here

Now i want to add this into a treeview in the order like below

enter image description here


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Finaly i got solution for this Problem,

Please Refer this Link

This Code was solved the problem with small modifications.


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