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I have recently begun converting my backend queries in my codeigniter application to active record pattern. As of now I am using codeigniter 2.1 version. I have originally written a query in mysql as

SELECT * FROM table WHERE (field1 = $field1 OR field2 = $field2) AND field3 = $field3 AND field4 = 'text'

Now I would like to write this thing in a way given below:


But somehow the "or_where" function is not working properly. Any solution for this, would be my pleasure?

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you write custom string in Active Record

$where = "(field1 = " . $field1 . " OR field2 = " . $field2 . ") AND 
          field3 = ". $field3 . " AND field4 = 'text'";

Click here for source: Active Record (and browse for custom string)

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Thanks bro... But i thought there would be more secure which didnot involve any plain sql coding in queries. – Sanks Oct 20 '12 at 7:30
maybe this can help click here – John Woo Oct 20 '12 at 7:41

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