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The Java Security dialog is shown when loading a signed applet.

What does the Java Security dialog look like?

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Java Security Dialog

The security dialog might appear differently (and have different text) depending on the circumstances, but it looks roughly as above.

If the 'digital signature cannot be verified' as in that message in the dialog, then:

  • Always trust will default to false.
  • It will be ignored even if selected.
  • No Name or Publisher will appear. That image shows the prompt as it appears in older JREs.

Here is how the NASA World Wind prompt appears in a Java 7 JRE for a verified certificate that has expired. The plug-in will also not tick the Always allow check-box by default.

enter image description here

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The NASA World Wind link has changed. It's now: worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/java where you can follow the links for the demo to here: worldwindserver.net/java/2.0.0/demos/ApplicationTemplate.jnlp –  splungebob Oct 25 '13 at 18:55

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