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i'm trying to use Restlet on GAE. I have a guard followed by the root router. 2 roleAuthorizer, one for the admin and a the other for the users. then 2 router behind the roleauthorizer for the routes between uri and the ressource classes. It's strange because, the route doesn't work. If i use the attachDefault it's ok but for the routes with attach : nothing !

here is my code :

public synchronized Restlet createInboundRoot() {

         Router rootRouter = new Router(getContext());

    pubRouter = new Router(getContext());

    String version="/book/v"+System.getProperty("API_VERSION");

     RoleAuthorizer ra1 = new RoleAuthorizer();

     rootRouter.attach(version, ra1);

     adminRouter = new Router(getContext());

String developerVersion="/admin/v1";
    adminRouter.attach(developerVersion+"/developer", DeveloperRessource.class);

RoleAuthorizer ra2 = new RoleAuthorizer();
    rootRouter.attach(developerVersion, ra2); 

    ChallengeAuthenticator guard=
       new ChallengeAuthenticator( getContext(),ChallengeScheme.HTTP_BASIC,"OPA");
    guard.setVerifier(new MyVerifier());
    guard.setEnroler(new MyEnroler());
    return guard;


and an extract of my "web.xml" :


if i want try this :, i received a 404 error. can you help me ?

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