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I am using Play framework 2.1.

I am work with web-socket and I need to find way to close them from server.

is there way do do it ?

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Example from docs Handling WebSockets:

Let’s write another example that totally discards the input data and closes the socket just after sending the Hello! message:

public static WebSocket<String> index() {
    return new WebSocket<String>() {

        public void onReady(WebSocket.In<String> in, WebSocket.Out<String> out) {


def index = WebSocket.using[String] { request => 

    // Just consume and ignore the input
    val in = Iteratee.consume[String]()

    // Send a single 'Hello!' message and close
    val out = Enumerator("Hello!") >>> Enumerator.eof

   (in, out)
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