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I am Using MultiLselect Filter in jquery and it sets the selected value in a hidden Filed ,Now I want to save the titles too and it do not give me any facility to to that :

 $("#" + targetDropdown).multiselect({
        header: ''
    var target = $("#" + targetDropdown + '_con');

    $("#" + targetDropdown)
    .bind("multiselectclick multiselectcheckall multiselectuncheckall", function (event, ui) {

        checkedValues = $.map($(this).multiselect("getChecked"), function (input) {
            return input.value;
        $("#" + targetDropdown + '_hid').val(
                ? checkedValues.join(', ')
                : '---------'

    $("#" + targetDropdown).multiselect().multiselectfilter();
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I have Modified the above code you can use it directly and it will work instead of getting the value get the title

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thanks it works . – Reana Botros Oct 20 '12 at 8:15

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