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i have made a crosstab report in crystalreport in which i have to add a sum column in the last which sum up all the mark of a student in each row.Can anybody help which sum up all measures in the row ????

col1 col2 col3 total
 3    5    6    14
 7    8    10   25
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Go to Cross Tab Expert, there you could find Summarized Fields. Add the row which you want to sum. Pls refer the following image


Hope this helps. Pls try and get back with your results...

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Thankyou very much for your wonderful answer.I've one more doubt.I want to add a column named rank in the above report.In that i want to get the rank of each student based on the total mark.How can i do this?? –  ksg Oct 22 '12 at 10:43

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