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test a file upload using rspec - rails

I don't know how to write test cases for file uploads. can you please help me

I have form with user_photo, name, email. i write test cases for name and email


 fill_in "user_name", :with => "xyz"
 fill_in "user_email", :with => "test@test.com"

but how can i write test cases for select photo ?

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If you have used paperclip then I can help you in this..

Write your test case like this

def do_upload_file
# write the request for the action as defined in your routes file
# get :upload_file, :id => :user_id (id of the user)

before do
 # set the session variables and other parameters here..

it "should upload the file correctly" do
  response.should redirect_to(whatever_path)

Works for me and can hopefully work for you too....

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how can i upload a particular jpeg/png file for testing? –  Dipak Panchal Oct 20 '12 at 11:14

You can do that using:

obj.asset = fixture_file_upload('/dummy_file.png', 'image/png')

where you can define the fixture path in your spec helper as :

config.fixture_path = "#{Rails.root}/spec/fixtures"

Official documentation

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