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I am trying to build an application, which uses an RFID reader and connects with Facebook. But when I try to like a page, I send a URL when the like box is tapped by the RFID reader. I want the user to like my page as soon as he taps on the like box. So now I want to built an application, which accesses the user id and asks the permission to like pages on his/her behalf whenever he/she taps on the like box. The action will be performed as follows:-

  1. The user taps on a like box.
  2. The like box sends an URL (Facebook application URL) with the users id.
  3. I receive the action as to like the subsequent page.
  4. The user now likes the page.

I am stuck on the fourth point. How do I make the user like my page?

I am using PHP.

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It's my understanding that what you're trying to accomplish can't be accomplished. You can't use PHP to "Like" a page. It's not supported in their API. It has to be done using either the Facebook JavaScript or iframe like buttons.

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Generally your app cannot like pages on behalf of user. All you can do is catch FB "like" event (it fires when user likes a page) via javascript and do some custom actions (e.g. postback to a server or smth). Does that make sense?

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