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Let's say we have a base repository R and a fork F. Coders are still making changes in R and F needs to include these changes as they are being added.

How do I tell hg to update F with the latest changes in R without losing the work I am doing on F?

Using the diff tool is a heck of a time-consuming task and it is not helping me move forward.

I am using TortoiseHG.

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Are you aware of merge? If you are and your issue is merge conflicts, then your diff tool is how you'll need to proceed.

The way to do this, assuming you are working locally on F and that the tip of F is your current working directory:

  • ... commit all work in F ...
  • Pull new changesets from R
  • Right click the tip of the work in R and select "Merge with local"
  • fill in your commit message "merge in xyz from R"
  • ... do more work in F...

That's it. If the changes in R and F don't overlap, you should be done and ready to move on. If work in R and F both modify the same parts of the same files, you'll need to use your diff tool to resolve those merge conflicts.

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