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I am trying to use ffmpeg from android command line to convert images into video. I have stored my sequence of images on sdcard.When I run ffmpeg command to convert images into video, ffmpeg command give me error Protocol not found.My command is like this

/data/data/package/files/ffmpeg -r 40 -qscale 2 -i /mnt/sdcard/images/img%d.jpg /mnt/sdcard/images/finalvideo.mp4

Error is like this /mnt/sdcard/vid.mp4: Protocol not found

I found the same error message mentioned in error.c file.But I am not getting the type of error and condition when it throws the error. Also when I run ffmpeg command i.e. ffmpeg -protocols from android and linux,the number of supported protocols are not same. I found file and many protocols missing in android.

I need solution for this urgent...Please do help me

Thanking you!!!

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Have a look this link: https://github.com/halfninja/android-ffmpeg-x264 I am not sure that you are using an NDK FFMPEG

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