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When you have the keycombination C-x, I would like to have some events occur at this key combinations, while awaiting following input.

For instance, I would like to, when I press C-x, to open up a new buffer with some text, and when followed by a new command, let's say C-f it then just follows that command.

Like this it would be possible to open up a cheat sheet for following commands everytime the first key is pressed, and then exited when the ending command has been chosen.

(suggestion for tags for this post are welcome, since I do not know appropriate ones)

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You could look into Icicles it offers completion for key combinations so after you type C-x you can get a list of possible completions for that prefix.

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Have you ever tried to type C-h after C-x?

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This could certainly be used. Now how to stick that C-h immediately after C-x, and then allow a command to be used? – PascalvKooten Oct 20 '12 at 12:34
The reason is that I'm writing a new mode and it would be good to have a visual reminder everytime I press a key. – PascalvKooten Oct 20 '12 at 12:35

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