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I've an existing project in symfony 1.4. Worse thing, project is not using sfGuard plugin but implemented custom user authentication.

As a new feature requirement, client requested to add login with twitter support in the app.

I went through twitter PHP libs which seems do not fit for symfony 1.4 without some level of customization.

I also went with one Symfony plugin (sorry but forget the link) but it also do not meet my requirements as (I guess) it is tightly coupled with sfGuard.

I started customizing tmhOAuth to match my requirements but I'd like to ask; is there is any symfony 1.4 plugin for twitter, which do not depends on sfGuard?

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Without sfGuard, I don't know one. You should use tmhOAuth. – j0k Oct 20 '12 at 14:35
Thanks J0k, after some more searching, I too guess customization is only option as requirements are rare & on old framework too. Customizing tmhOAuth a bit right now to fit in symfony 1.4. – Kapil Sharma Oct 22 '12 at 4:19

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