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I create a lof of attributes on HTML tags to play with jQuery and its $(selector).attr() method. For example, if I have a dynamic form with generated fields, I will have a index="xxx" attribute.

What is the best way to create such customised attributes without violating doctype?

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HTML 5's data- attributes might be for you. They're likely to be the easiest way.

Also, jQuery's .data() supports them natively.

Here's an article explaining the concept in detail.

An example from that article:

<ul id="vegetable-seeds">
  <li data-spacing="10cm" data-sowing-time="March to June">Carrots</li>
  <li data-spacing="30cm" data-sowing-time="February to March">Celery</li>
  <li data-spacing="3cm" data-sowing-time="March to September">Radishes</li>
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