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I have a form with X number of groups of checkboxes with price values. I have assigned one condition to each group.

Lets assume that we have 2 groups:

1st group condition: sum all the values together, except the first 3 selected (NOT the first 3 in the index but first 3 selected and every selection after that)

2nd group condition: sum all the values together, except the first 2 selected (NOT the first 2 in the index but first 2 selected and every selection after that)

var minLimit1 = 3;
var minLimit2 = 2;

$(":input", "#myForm").each(function(){

    if(this.type == 'checkbox'){



How can I implement that using jQuery or plain js?


<form id="myForm">
 <fieldset class="required">
  <input type="checkbox" value="1.30" name="group1" id="id-1">
  <label for="id-1"><span>Component 1</span><em>(€1.30)</em></label>

  <input type="checkbox" value="1.00" name="group1" id="id-2">
  <label for="id-2"><span>Component 2</span><em>(€1.00)</em></label>

  <input type="checkbox" value="0.50" name="group1" id="id-3">
  <label for="id-3"><span>Component 3</span><em>(€0.50)</em></label>

  <input type="checkbox" value="0.25" name="group1" id="id-4">
  <label for="id-4"><span>Component 4</span><em>(€0.25)</em></label>

  <input type="checkbox" value="1.75" name="group1" id="id-5">
  <label for="id-5"><span>Component 5</span><em>(€1.75)</em></label>

  <input type="checkbox" value="2.00" name="group1" id="id-6">
  <label for="id-6"><span>Component 6</span><em>(€2.00)</em></label>

 <fieldset class="required">
  <input type="checkbox" value="1.20" name="group2" id="id-7">
  <label for="id-7"><span>Component 1</span><em>(€1.20)</em></label>

  <input type="checkbox" value="1.10" name="group2" id="id-8">
  <label for="id-8"><span>Component 2</span><em>(€1.10)</em></label>

  <input type="checkbox" value="0.40" name="group2" id="id-9">
  <label for="id-9"><span>Component 3</span><em>(€0.40)</em></label>

  <input type="checkbox" value="0.35" name="group2" id="id-10">
  <label for="id-10"><span>Component 4</span><em>(€0.35)</em></label>

  <input type="checkbox" value="1.15" name="group2" id="id-11">
  <label for="id-11"><span>Component 5</span><em>(€1.15)</em></label>


Note: I want the latest clicked and further to be added in the summary, not the last in the index.

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provide some html in order to see how you group checkboxes and better explanation of excluded elements – charlietfl Oct 20 '12 at 12:51 is a place to show your code too – mplungjan Oct 20 '12 at 13:00
My html is dynamically created. It can have 1 to x number of grouped checkboxes. And some of those could have conditions like the ones explained above. I am using the .each method to read all the elements in a form and decide which to sum and which not based on user selections. – mallix Oct 20 '12 at 16:51
@mallix regardless of how html is created it has a structure to it and samples can easily be pulled from source of live page. You have to help us help you. SHow your code also – charlietfl Oct 20 '12 at 18:23
@charlietfl I ve added my form code. I hope I helped. – mallix Oct 20 '12 at 18:45
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I think this solution does what you need. Demo adds class to the labels of values being calculated to make it easier to determin that concept is correct


/* can store values in array, or as data attribute of html */

var min_limits = [3, 2];

$('#myForm .required input:checkbox').change(function() {
    var $group = $(this).closest('fieldset.required')
    var parentIdx = $('fieldset.required').index($group);
    /* can store values in array, or as data attribute of html */
    var minLimit = $'min_limit') || min_limits[parentIdx];
    var $selected = $group.find(':checked').slice(minLimit);
    var sum = 0;
    if ($selected.length) {
        $selected.each(function() {
            sum +=1*$(this).val();

    } else {
        sum = 'Limit not met';

    $group.find('.sum').text('Sum= '+sum)


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your solution works the same us Kelvin s. It is adding the last value according to the index, not the latest clicked. If I check from the 2nd Group, Component 1 then 3 then 2, it sums the value of the last checkbox in the index, which is Component 3. Same results for the 1st Group of Checkboxes – mallix Oct 20 '12 at 20:28
OK.. your explanation was not at all clear ( see request for better explanation) Try this version: Code can probably be refactored a bit to lighten it up, but when changing from one version to another is not worth streamlining until sure it works – charlietfl Oct 20 '12 at 21:07
it works like a charm!! I am sorry for not being 100% clear right from the start. I am not sure though how this could be used inside my .each implementation. – mallix Oct 20 '12 at 23:11
each what? Code written will work on all groups – charlietfl Oct 20 '12 at 23:13
I am scanning the whole form right from start each time a checkbox is clicked. Your solution is very helpful, thank you very much. – mallix Oct 20 '12 at 23:22

I'm not sure if I properly understand the format of these checkboxes, but I am assuming that you can tell the difference between group 1 checkboxes and group 2 checkboxes. If so, I would suggest keeping track of the number of checkboxes that have been marked so far to know when to start summing up the values. For example:

// The minimum number that must be checked
var minLimit1 = 3;
var minLimit2 = 2;
// The number checked per group
var numGroup1 = 0;
var numGroup2 = 0;
//The sum of the checkboxes over the group's minLimit that are checked
var sumGroup1 = 0;
var sumGroup2 = 0;

$(":input", "#myForm").each(function () {
    if ((this.type == 'checkbox') && (this.checked == true)) {
        // This code is just for Group 1 right now. Depending on how you differentiate
        // between each group, you could either have a check in here for each group
        // (or some kind of loop if the number of groups is variable), or have a separate
        // each statement for each group.

        if (numGroup1 >= minLimit1) {
            // If the minLimit has already been reached, then increment the sum

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The first parameter passed to $.each() is index, which will be helpful here.

In this code, we assume your checkboxes are grouped by fieldset elements with classes "group1", "group2", etc.

var conditions = {
        group1: 3,
        group2: 2
    total = 0,
    key, condition;

// Loop through all the conditions
for (key in conditions) {
    condition = conditions[key];
    // Loop through all the checked checkboxes in fieldset.group1, fieldset.group2, etc
    $('input[type="checkbox"]:checked', '#myForm fieldset.' + key).each(function(inputIndex) {
        // Check if the current checkbox's index is higher than the minimum
        if ((inputIndex + 1) > condition) {
            total += parseFloat($(this).val());


Edit: Simplified the code considerably

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I want the latest clicked to be added not the last in the index – mallix Oct 20 '12 at 16:54

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