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>>> stuff = '[["hiya"]]'
>>> js = json.loads(stuff)
>>> js[0]
>>> str(js[0])

It doesn't seem to go away. How can I print hiya on its own (without manually stripping the special characters away)?

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Do you want to print hiya, or ['hiya'] (js[0] is a list, not a string)? –  Tim Pietzcker Oct 20 '12 at 13:00

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You have a list that's nested two levels deep. Try it like this to simply print 'hiya':

>>> import json
>>> stuff = '[["hiya"]]'
>>> js = json.loads(stuff)
>>> str(js[0][0])
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Another solution is use maping and join to convert a list to string. but i not recommend you to use this but you can use when you need directly convert list to a string. othrewise above solution is fine.

for eg.

import json

stuff = '[["hiya"]]'

js = json.loads(stuff)

print ''.join(map(str,js[0]))
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