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I use GIT to manage my project's source code, using SourceTree locally and BitBucket to host the code remotely. I made a new branch, called "MyFeature." At some point I renamed the branch, say to "features/MyFeature," so that the branches would be better organized (I now have many more branches than before). However, it seems that now on BitBucket, there are two branches - "MyFeature," and "features/MyFeature." Is there a way to remove the old branch from BitBucket, so that there is only one branch, "features/MyFeature"? What is the best way to rename branches so that the branch names remain consistent across different checkouts of the GIT repository?

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To delete a branch from a remote, use git push:

git push origin :branch-to-delete

Users of other clones have to rebase their local branches onto the renamed branch. Unfortunately, there's no way to keep branch names in sync automatically.

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Thanks! Worked perfectly. Just to note that the ":" is actually necessary. –  Jason Oct 21 '12 at 5:04
Yes, the colon is important. Push refspecs are always local:remote – if local is omitted, then remote is deleted. –  knittl Oct 21 '12 at 14:27

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