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I'm building a simple app with Rails using Markdown for storing content. My question is how to build internal [[wiki]] style links? Either by pre-processing before they get to markdown or some markdown derivative? I release I could probably preprocess using regex, but I'm guessing there are others with ready built solutions.

For example I know Instiki uses both markdown and [[wiki|Wiki]] links and I've looked but couldn't figure out how they're handling it.

Any tips?

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If you are using the redcarpet gem you can either use a preprocessor or you can modifiy the generated HTML output.

Have a look at How to extend Redcarpet to support a media library. This article shows how to convert image references to custom HTML and also how to replace boilerplate identifiers with the actual content.

I guess both approaches could be adapted for your specific problem:

  • The renderer approach directly manipulates the generated HTML code from the markdown code. (This is more elegant as you are not messing with Markdown code)
  • The preprocess approach manipulates the code by using regular expressions (as you already mentioned) (This is more flexible, but also a little bit messy)
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