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I have a canvas with MANY shapes in it and I want each one of them to display a string ToolTip. In order to save some memory I wanted to set the ToolTip value when the tooltip opens, so I set the ToolTip to be an empty string on every shape initially and then I set the real value of it just before it becomes visible (in the ToolTipOpening event handler that is). However, sometimes the ToolTip I set in the ToolTipOpening event handler is an empty string and I don't want the ToolTip to show up in those cases.

Is there something I can do from within the ToolTipOpening event handler to hide it? Or perhaps an easy way to know when the mouse pointer stays over a shape for some time (in order to show a ToolTip programmatically)?

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OK. I think I got it. I 've used a ToolTip object for setting the ToolTip property of each shape (instead of using a string) and then I could write:

(shape.ToolTip as ToolTip).Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;

It seems working so far...

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