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best regards ,

I have been using imacros for 2 weeks and I love it, my problem is, I have this website form alibaba

I can automate all the form and checkbox except the "Message" one,

I have written many JS codes and try to write using id, class

but nothing worked

I have tested all the demos and they worked

I use windows xp sp2, my browser firefox 13.0.1, my imacro addon

could you kindly help my ,

thanks in advance

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That message input box is in fact hidden (I don't think Imacros can change the attribute of a DOM element; try using javascript inside EVAL or better make a Greasemonkey script). As I've seen in that message box you actually write inside an Iframe overlapped on that textarea. You can access that in Imacros but not do much about with: FRAME F=3.

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