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I am learning Rails, and am writing a simple app that will handle notes. Notes have a value "score" that is an integer. I want the user to press a button named "vote up" and one "vote down", and voting up will make score=score+1.

The notes_controller.rb has a method 'upvote' that looks like

def upvote
  @note = Note.find params[:id]

  @note.score = @note.score +1

But I can not figure out how to route so that sending a POST (or UPDATE?) to /notes/:id/upvote makes the note's score change?

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have you tried /notes/upvote/:id? that should call the upvote method of the notes controller passing the :id as a parameter. – ryan0 Oct 20 '12 at 14:57

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in your routes file:

resources :notes do
  member do
    put :upvote

This will create the named route upvote_note_path which will point /notes/:id/upvote, and will run your NotesController upvote action.

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