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I'm using Pcap to build network tcp packages:

    private static Packet BuildTcpPacket()
        EthernetLayer ethernetLayer =
            new EthernetLayer
                Source = new MacAddress("01:01:01:01:01:01"),
                Destination = new MacAddress("02:02:02:02:02:02"),
                EtherType = EthernetType.None, // Will be filled automatically.

        IpV4Layer ipV4Layer =
            new IpV4Layer
                Source = new IpV4Address(""),
                CurrentDestination = new IpV4Address(""),
                Fragmentation = IpV4Fragmentation.None,
                HeaderChecksum = null, // Will be filled automatically.
                Identification = 123,
                Options = IpV4Options.None,
                Protocol = null, // Will be filled automatically.
                Ttl = 100,
                TypeOfService = 0,

        TcpLayer tcpLayer =
            new TcpLayer
                SourcePort = 4050,
                DestinationPort = 25,
                Checksum = null, // Will be filled automatically.
                SequenceNumber = 100,
                AcknowledgmentNumber = 50,
                ControlBits = TcpControlBits.Acknowledgment,
                Window = 100,
                UrgentPointer = 0,
                Options = TcpOptions.None,

        PayloadLayer payloadLayer =
            new PayloadLayer
                Data = new Datagram(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("hello world")),

        PacketBuilder builder = new PacketBuilder(ethernetLayer, ipV4Layer, tcpLayer, payloadLayer);

        return builder.Build(DateTime.Now);

Because the package is sent over ethernet, maximum total package size is limited to 1500 bytes. Is there any method, which I could use to check the size of the pachage headers so I know how much space is left for the actual data?

Also, If I need to send more than 1500 bytes of data, do I just split it up, or are any other rules which I need to observe?

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If you need to send more data than the MTU allows you should look into IP fragmentation. – Nasreddine Oct 20 '12 at 15:35
BTW that 1500 value is your MTU. – Nasreddine Oct 20 '12 at 15:45
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You can use ILayer.Length property to get each of the layers' lengths.

You can split the packets using IP fragmentation or just using regular TCP (which is what most applications do).

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