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I want to know as much as possible technical information about given Application bundle .app, e.g:

  • compiler used
  • frameworks used
  • implementation details

QuickLook plugin that show extensive information about .app would be ideal, but I don't know about such.

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not accepted by Apple ? – diimdeep Oct 21 '12 at 7:22


  • MacDependency shows all dependent libraries and frameworks of a given executable, dynamic library or framework on Mac OS X. It is a GUI replacement for the otool command, and provides almost the same functionality as the Dependency Walker on Windows.

Command line

  • nm displays the name list (symbol table) of each object file in the argument list.
  • otool displays specified parts of object files or libraries.
  • class-dump examining the Objective-C runtime information stored in Mach-O files. It generates declarations for the classes, categories and protocols.
  • class_dump_z

list all linked symbols

nm -u /Applications/.app/Contents/MacOS/executable | sort | less

Display global (external) symbol names (no value or type).

nm -g -j executable | sort | uniq | less

list all libraries the app has linked to.

otool -L executable

Display the contents of the __OBJC segment used by the Objective-C run-time system.

otool -ov executable | less


otool -tvV executable | less

show implementation addresses

class-dump -A executable | less
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