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I'm trying to filter a Collection, and then shuffle the filtered values.

I was thinking of using the where method Backbone provides. Something like:

myRandomModel = @.where({ someAttribute: true }).shuffle()[0]

However, where returns an array of all the models which match the attributes; and apparently shuffle needs a list to work with:

shuffle_ .shuffle(list)
Returns a shuffled copy of the list

Is there a way to turn my array of models into a 'list'? Or should I write some logic myself to get this done?

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The shuffle() and where() method are just a proxy in Backbone collections to the underscore method. Underscore methods still work on their own, with arrays as argument. Here is what I would do:

myRandomModel = _.shuffle(@.where({ someAttribute: true }))[0]


PS: @"mu is too short" is right however, to get a single model I would go the Math.random() way myself.

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When the Underscore docs say list, they mean array. So you can use _.shuffle like this:

shuffled = _([1, 2, 3, 4]).shuffle()

Or in your case:

_(@where(someAttribute: true)).shuffle()

However, since you're just grabbing a single model, you could simply generate a random index instead of shuffling:

matches = @where(someAttribute: true)
a_model = matches[Math.floor(Math.random() * matches.length)]
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I put the following in my application.js file (using Rails 3):

Array.prototype.shuffleArray = function() {
  var i = this.length, j, tempi, tempj;
  if ( i === 0 ) return false;
  while ( --i ) {
     j       = Math.floor( Math.random() * ( i + 1 ) );
     tempi   = this[i];
     tempj   = this[j];
     this[i] = tempj;
     this[j] = tempi;
  return this;

and now I can call shuffleArray() on an array of arrays. Leaving this unanswered for now though, since I would like to know if there is a better way to do it with Underscore/Backbone.

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First in your collection you should have a filtered function Like

var MyCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend ({
  filtered : function ( ) { 

Normally you will use _.filter to get only the models you wanted but you may also use the suffle as a replacement use this.models to get the collection models Here shuffle will mix the models

    var results = _ .shuffle( this.models ) ;

Then use underscore map your results and transform it to JSON like so

    results = results, function( model ) { return model.toJSON()  } );

finally returning a new backbone collection with only results you may return only the json if that's what you are looking for

    return new Backbone.Collection( results ) ;

note if you don't want to keep all data in collection for later uses you may use the following and ignore the view below ;

    this.reset( results ) ;        
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