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I've recently have this trouble: I needed a function that removes an entirely folder in windows so I searched and this is what I get:

How do I remove/delete a folder that is not empty with Python? empty-with-python

The answers, that looks ok, seems a bit confusing and large for me... there should be a better way to solve the oneerror while accesing files in windows with shutil.rmtree (raise an error trying to acces read only files)...

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I want to share an esasy way that works for me

I just made a function that changes mod of the file and then deletes it with os.remove:

import stat#needed for file stat
def remShut(*args):
    func, path, _ = args #onerror returns a tuple containing function, path and     exception info
    os.chmod(path, stat.S_IWRITE)

then when using rmtree, add it to the onerror parameter:

import shutil

shutil.rmtree(desiredpath, onerror = remShut)

Hope it helps to someone with the same trouble I get.

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