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Here is my case:

$sql = 'UPDATE user SET password = ? WHERE username = ? AND password = ?';
if($stmt->prepare($sql)) {
    $stmt->bind_param('sss', $newPass, $_SESSION['username'], $oldPass);

Now, how can I see if the UPDATE query is successfully executed? And more precisely how can I see if the old password and username are correct so that I can store the new password? I've tried by doing this:

$res = $stmt->execute();
echo 'Result: '.$res;

But I always get:

Result: 1

even if the old password is not correct.

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A query which updates no rows is NOT an error condition. It's simply a succesful query that didn't change anything. To see if an update actually did change anything, you have to use mysqli_affected_rows()

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Great, thank you!! –  Dim13i Oct 20 '12 at 16:12

Try use mysqli_affected_rows() to get the number of affected rows.

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You need to use the affected_rows function of the MySQL extension you are using. This will return 0 if the query failed because no rows matched, -1 if an error occurred, or a positive number showing the number of rows that were changed.

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