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i have encountered a weird error in a sample code of Arcobjects, but the error seems not to be part of arcobjects

this the part of code where the error occurs :

        // Get the typeinfo for the ActiveX common dialog control
        typ = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("MSComDlg.CommonDialog");

        // Create an instance of the control.  We pass it to the property frame function
        // so the property pages have an object from which to get current settings and apply
        // new settings.
        obj = Activator.CreateInstance(typ); ///////the error occurs here 
        // This handy function calls IPersistStreamInit->New on COM objects to initialize them

when the execution reaches this line obj = Activator.CreateInstance(typ); i get this error COM EXCEPTION WAS UNHANDELED BY THE USER

Any help please

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That isn't much to go by but I can guess. That code uses an ancient VB6 control. Which got a security patch last April that fixed a nasty remote code execution vulnerability. That patch changed the CLSID of the control. Of course, that patch didn't also update ArcGIS. Contact the vendor for support. – Hans Passant Oct 20 '12 at 18:47
sorry i forgot to mention that i'm working on XP SP3 with no updates , this info can reveal some solutions ? – geogeek Oct 20 '12 at 18:52

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