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I'm administering a web platform and want to get some statistical data, where my users come from. I can store the remote IP and I know that there are localization services that map an IP to a geolocation.

How is this mapping done? Are there fixed tables, which IP address was given to which region?

Must I request the mapping in the moment of the access or can I request it days/months/years later? In other words: Is the mapping from IP to location fixed or does it change over time?

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The mapping from IP to location change over time. I have read that the databases change 5% each month, even though its hard to know if they really change that much or if the database providers lie to sell their updates more often. But its a fact that these databases change. So you should obtain the location of an IP address asap, at least not later that a month after you captured the IP address.

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David is right. The IP address changes from time to time due to release, allocation or reallocation. I'm using data from IP2Location and seeing ~5% changes per month. Therefore, I do not suggest fixed location. – Michael C. Jan 1 '13 at 23:43

In case you want to store the demographic data, you should save the country information retrieved instead of IP address, due to the nature it may changes from time to time.

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So - since there is no country information in the HTTP protocol - I have to localize the IP soon after the actual request. Correct? – Heinzi Oct 22 '12 at 20:33

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