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How can i create an interactive ruby commands gui website, as in:


I'll be very thankful for any tips.

best regards

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You can use emscriptened ruby


In the dist folder, there're the .js files ready to use (minifyied/optimized or not)

A recent alternative, is Opal: a ruby-to-js compiler (compiling to javascript is all the rage nowadays), it also has an interactive textfield on its page


There's also TryRuby itself, but it seems that a year ago it has been rewritten with rails (and the documentation hasn't been updated anymore)

This is it:


and this is before the huge changes:


There's also HotRuby, but it seems to be stale


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ruby_koans_online repo is a good one to see as well : github.com/edgecase/ruby_koans_online –  Prakash Murthy Oct 20 '12 at 17:04

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