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I've created a pretty simple setup using Cocos2d (2.0) and Box2d that comes packaged with it. I have a few bodies in my world, but don't have sprites linked up with them yet and I want to debug their orientations, positions, etc.

This seems like a pretty standard task, but I could not find out how to do this easily. From my research it seems related to these methods:

// and the GLES-Render class


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Doesn't the default cocos2d + Box2D project include GLES-Render and a sample debug draw layer? If not, check out Kobold2D at kobold2d.com and start a cocos2d+Box2D project. Includes the debug draw layer. –  LearnCocos2D Oct 20 '12 at 18:02

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I figured it out in case anyone else stumbles across this.

  1. In your initialization, you want to create a debug draw object (GLESDebugDraw comes with Cocos2d+Box2d).
  2. Set the flags to specify what you want drawn (shapes, center of gravity, joints, etc.).
  3. Assign it to your world object.

b2Draw *debugDraw = new GLESDebugDraw(PTM_RATIO);



Then, the trick is that you need to override ccLayer's draw method and call:


It must be in the draw method otherwise this won't work. I initially tried to put it in my own scheduled method (where I call _world->step()) and this did not work.

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GLESDebugDraw come with cocos2d 2.0? No, I can't find it –  bagusflyer Mar 15 '13 at 3:32
@bagusflyer It comes with Cocos2d's Box2d template –  Greg Wang May 18 '13 at 19:13

IN The coco2dx v2.2 this is done as

//Write this in init()

_debugDraw = new GLESDebugDraw(PTM_RATIO);

  uint32 flags = 0;
  flags += b2Draw::e_shapeBit;
  flags += b2Draw::e_jointBit;
  flags += b2Draw::e_aabbBit;
  flags += b2Draw::e_pairBit;
  flags += b2Draw::e_centerOfMassBit;


void HelloWorld::draw() {



ccGLEnableVertexAttribs( kCCVertexAttribFlag_Position );






Check in Application.mk file if there is


then replace it with


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