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I need help to convert a SQL query to entity query in my C# code. The query combines 4 different tables together which is as follows:

SELECT a.email,
FROM Orders a, 
     Orderdetails b, 
     ServiceOptions c, 
     services d, 
     merchants e 
WHERE a.id=b.orderid AND c.id=b.serviceoptionid
      AND c.serviceid=d.id AND d.merchantid=e.id
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var query = from a in context.Orders
            join b in context.OrderDetails on a.id equals b.orderid
            join c in context.ServiceOptions on b.serviceoptionid equals c.id
            join d in context.services on c.serviceid equals d.id
            join e in context.merchants on d.merchantid equals e.id
            select new { a.email, 
                         e.name };
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Thank you, works for me! –  demo.b Oct 20 '12 at 17:00

I think you are going the opposite direction. Create a entity framework first and then use LINQ from the EF to create the SQL. It should be EF->LINQ-SQL. The whole idea of EF is the user doesn't have to create a sql. This query can be done in LINQ to SQL after EF is created in the project.

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