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I'm trying to write a php variable inside another php file.

My writing content is:

$writeValue = "\$Var['".$this->js_checksum."'] = '".serialize($log_content)."';";

and I'm using Joomla $stream->write($content); to write this content into another php page. The problem is that I'm getting, inside the php page after the writing process is done, double $var, identically, so basically the server writes the variable two times. If I change $writeValue = "a"; then the server is writing it only once, as it should.

I can't figure it out why?

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Are you sure you are not in a loop and that the script isn't executed twice, for example via a doubled include(); somewhere? –  feeela Oct 20 '12 at 18:02
sure, not in a loop, in fact I just realize that serialize result is breaking the functionality...cause if I add $writeValue = "\$Var['".$this->js_checksum."'] = 'test';"; the script is working fine. The serialized var contain, as key, a file path with / and \ so this might cause the problem. –  user1628151 Oct 20 '12 at 19:19

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