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i wanted some design suggestion,lets say i have a following code. The code is just a description of the concept not a real code. The keyBoardCreator is just a container that creates Keyboard and the keyboard creates the Key.

var keyBoardCreator = Class.extend({
    init:function(config){ this.__config = config; }

     // creates a default keyBoard if there is or creates a keyboard passed in a config.

/**Abstraction of keyBoard it could be any kind of keyBoard. it could be 10 button keyboard it
* doesnot matter. 
var keyBoard = Class.extend({ 
       //Iterated over the number of total keys and create keys.

//Abstraction on key
var key = Class.extend({
    init:function(character){ this.__character = character; }

//Contains dependencies of keyBoardCreator.
SimulatrConfig: {
  keyBoard: smallKeyBoard,
  KeyImpl:  chineseKeyImpl,
var myKeyBoard = new keyBoardCreator(SimulatorConfig);

Lets say i initialize my keyBoardCreator with the above config (dependencies of the library). Is that good ? What I feel as a user of the library is that i should only pass whats needed by the keyBoardCreator which can be any implementation of keyBoard. I am nor sure whether to pass KeyImplementation which as a user i dont think i should know, I may be just hanging on this concept maybe its good to pass the key Implementation as well.

Is there some design concept that I can look at to clear my head to make a design decision?

Please disregard about Class.extend or why I am trying to use inheritance and how Javascript is duck-typed. I am just trying to get suggestion for the concept. I would really appreciate if someone could shed some light on it.

If there are more questions to clear this concept please let me know. I may not have described it well.

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