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I am investigating on DBus message Q. Just a few queries: 1) Does DBus guarantees messages to be ordered( FIFO ) ? 2) Can DBus be used for Distributed System( processes lying in different systems )


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1) Yes, message order is preserved, though different senders may race. There are some D-Bus libraries that mess up the order to implement synchronous method calls.

2) No / sort-off. D-Bus most commonly is implemented on top of UNIX domain sockets, that are by definition limited to one host. D-Bus specification allows D-Bus to be ran on top of TCP. Thus one node can work as a messaging hub. So, not really distributed.

Also, many D-Bus libraries don't allow contacting arbitrary busses (if "connect" call only supports "system" and "session", those refer to the two default UNIX domain socket on Linux systems)

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1) No, sender sets (arbitrary) message serial number and it's other side responsibility to set same number in reply serial field

2) Yes, as long as your bus daemon able to understand nodes location from service name and route messages accordingly. Not sure about dbus-daemon capabilities

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