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My Mac is running OS X 10.6. Previously I had Java 1.6.0_37 plus 1.7b06 installed, and 1.6 was set to be the default for command line use.

I frequently do command-line android builds. Prior to installing the Java 1.7b09 update these would execute without the window focus ever leaving the terminal window from which I invoked the build. Nothing "new" would appear in the application switcher.

AFTER installing 1.7b09, when I launch an android build from a command prompt, a new application ("Launcher") appears in the application switcher menu (command-tab) and window focus shifts from the terminal to this new Launcher app.

My question: What setting should I twiddle to get back to the way things worked pre-1.7b09 install?

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Java version 1.6 was deployed by Apple, however, this changed since Java version 1.7. Oracle is now responsible for the deployment of new releases.

By the way, the Launcher application is a sandbox-like environment which is the default as of Java version 1.7. Personally, I think it's a bad idea to disable the sandbox-setting. It is there for a reason.

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