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In my app i am starting activities one after the another and not finishing any activity before calling another. But when user presses logout button then i want to finish all the activities from the stack and start login activity.

Activity Login(finish & call) --> Activity B --> Activity C--> Activity D --> Logout -->Acitivity Login.

If user presses back key on login activity then he returns to Activity C in my case... but i want to avoid that.

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What you should do is call Login activity, and clear all activities above it in the stack.

Intent intent = new Intent(this, Login.class);

This will flag it to create a new login activity, not just resume the previous one. And clear all activities above it. (B, C, D).

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Thanks buddy it worked –  kadhirvel Oct 20 '12 at 19:57
@kadhirvel. Ah cool. :). Since it worked, its ideal to upvote my answer and click the tick to mark as the correct answer. (On the left). Cheers. –  Doomsknight Oct 21 '12 at 8:37

I don't know if it will going to help, but you could try to add to your manifest's declared activities (B, C, D) the following tag:


the activity should be removed from the activity stack and finished (its finish() method called) when the user navigates away from it and it's no longer visible on screen

Take a look here.

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thanks @yugidroid but i actually dont want to finish my previous activity bcoz it has downloaded data from server if my finish and come back it will to it again ... so i wanted to finish all previous activity only on logout..... anyhow the solution of Doomskinght worked for me –  kadhirvel Oct 20 '12 at 20:00

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