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I am new to web dev. Below i have a code in haml

        %a{:th => ("hilite" if @sort == "title")}= link_to 'Movie Title', :sort => "title"

which gives me the following HTML

   <a id='title_header'>
       <a th='hilite'><a href="/movies?sort=title">Movie Title</a></a>

While what i am looking to get is

<th class='hilite'>
    <a id='title_header'><a href="/movies?sort=title">Movie Title</a></a>
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This is very similar question with my answer: Adding dynamic attributes to HAML tag using helper method in rails

In your case it should be like:

%th{:class => if @sort == 'title' then 'hilite' end}
        %a= link_to 'Movie Title', :sort => "title
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    %a{:href => "/movies?sort=title"} Movie Title

by the way there's a project called check it out !

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