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Hello I am using MS Access 2007

I have a table called Extraction Line it is similar to an order line table , within this table are the two fields of concern:

Field: Tonnage:Number data type

Field: worth:Currency data type

What I want to happen is

As soon a user enters the tonnage value

In the afterupdate event for the tonnage field a Dlookup will look at the Resource table and find the Price field (currency data type) It then multiplies the Resource table Price value with the tonnage amount field (e.g) $50 x 5 etc, the $250 value is then added to the worth field.

So far I cannot even get success on using dlookup to get a value from the resource table

My code is in the extraction line form at the afterupdate event for the tonnage field:

Private Sub Tonnage_AfterUpdate()

Dim X As Currency

X = DLookup("[Price]", "[Resource]", "Atomic Number" = "076")  

'X= Nz(DLookup("[Price]", "[Resource]", "Atomic Number" = "076"), 0)

'X = DLookup("[Price]", "[Resource]", "[Atomic number] = Form![Atomic number]") * [Worth]

I wanted to test the simple part of get a value first before doing the multiply and the rest of the requirements but keep getting Null value errors.

I think I am getting Null value errors due to this explanation Null Value is due to...

But of course there will be no value or nothing there as I want dlookup to go get the value first then carry out the maths.

Prior to this way I tried various validation rules within the Extraction Line form but received ?Name errors.

What is the best way to achieve the above. If I can get help to point me in the right direction I can go away and attempt this.

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Added this to the control source of the worth form field:=DLookUp("[Price]","[Resource]") . That pulls the first record price value from the resource table. Now working on telling the dlookup that the value must be where the atomic number = extraction line ID and extraction line ID = atomic number as each extraction line has 2 primary keys the atomic number + and extraction id this one failed due to error expected list separator or ) . =DLookUp("[Price]","[Resource]","[Atomic Number] ="'[Extraction ID] And [Extraction ID] = [Atomic Number]'")*[tonnage] –  user1655231 Oct 22 '12 at 13:45
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How about:

Private Sub Tonnage_AfterUpdate()
''It is probably best not to use Currency when you do not know what will
''be returned
Dim varX As Variant

varX = Nz(DLookup("[Price]", "[Resource]", "[Atomic Number] = 076"),0) * [Worth]

If you want to refer to the look-up as a field or control and [Atomic Number] is a numeric field:

varX = Nz(DLookup("[Price]", "[Resource]", "[Atomic Number] = " _
          & MyNumber),0) * [Worth]

In parts:

varX = DLookup("[Price]", "[Resource]", "[Atomic Number] = " & MyNumber)

If varX > 0 then
    MyAnswer = VarX * Me.Worth
End If
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kinda half way there now thanks for dlookup help –  user1655231 Oct 22 '12 at 13:50
Where are you stuck? –  Remou Oct 22 '12 at 13:52
See the comment in my post i am now trying to tell dlookup this go to resource table, lookup resource worth where the resource worth price is equal to the dual primary key attributes for a one record. As the extraction line has a dual primary key of resource tables atomic number and the mine extractions extraction ID. I have tried this: =DLookUp("[Price]","[Resource]","[Atomic Number] ="'[Extraction ID] And [Extraction ID] = [Atomic Number]'")*[tonnage]. –  user1655231 Oct 22 '12 at 13:58
I am afraid that is a little fuzzy. If you have a continuous form, this idea will not work. If you have a single form, put the control name outside the quotes, so something like: =DLookUp("[Price]","[Resource]","[Atomic Number] =" & [ExtractionID]) –  Remou Oct 22 '12 at 14:02
Are you saying that both the form and the lookup table have fields/controls extraction id and atomic number? If so, both go outside the quotes: =DLookUp("[Price]","[Resource]","[Atomic Number] =" & [Atomic Number] & " And ExtractionID=" & [ExtractionID]) –  Remou Oct 22 '12 at 14:03
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