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I am having an application where there will be lots of ajax calls and jquery load functions etc.I found that dynamic content is not loaded correctly every time i open the page due to browser history,if i delete the history and refresh the page its working

  1. is there any way to clean up the history of the browser?(is this method correct?)
  2. Can i prevent the page from being cached????using any jquery that my application wont be stored in browsers history.
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you need to set cache to false in your jquery ajax settings

see here

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while testing a webpage,I am not able to see the changes i made when i refresh the page.if i delete the browsers history ,clear everything,then refresh its working fine,Its not regarding the ajx calls,or about dynamic data,its with applying styles,using jquery. – Chetan Sandeep Renu Oct 20 '12 at 18:49

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